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Bulk SMS Software - Multi Mobile

Bulk SMS software (Multi device Edition) for GSM mobile phone instantly sends thousands of text messages from GSM mobile phones connected to PC. Bulk SMS texting program provides comprehensive solution to market your business products, services and brands. Text messaging program helps to expand your business and increase your business sales by delivering number of text SMS using GSM mobile phone connected with PC. Now you can connect multiple GSM mobile phones with PC to send unlimited text messages to your friends, relatives, clients, customers and business partners.

Price : $49

Improve your business presence in market via mobile messaging software

  • Send notification and standard messages to your clients and customers.
  • Promote your products, brands and services and build brand awareness.
  • Reach your customers base at any time and place by broadcasting group text SMS.
  • Communicate with different people by sending bulk text messages across the world.

Software Key Features :-

  • Bulk SMS software provides facility to skip duplicate contact numbers for sending unlimited text messages.
  • Text messaging program has inbuilt list wizard option to maintain list of contact numbers which are needed during bulk SMS sending process.
  • GSM mobile SMS texting program fully compatible to work with all latest brands of GSM technology based cell phones.
  • Provides advanced delay delivery facility to control load of bulk SMS broadcasting.
  • Support Unicode languages for sending number of text messages over worldwide location.

Bulk SMS software is useful for: Telecom sector, IT companies, MLM companies, Hotels and resorts, Retail business, Hospitals Blood banks, Airlines, Railways, Government department and other commercial sectors.

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